Swimming Lessons

Jason offers  One to one (1-2-1) & 2:1 swimming lessons for all adults and children of all ages and abilities.

The swim programme for is well defined to enable understanding and development of the mechanics of the 4 strokes. Or you can focus on just one or two.

It allows for methodic progress through  the Levels whilst encouraging individuals to build up stamina  in their own time.

The strokes are broken down until performed in a fluid movement. Correct execution of movements is taught & practised

Controlled steps for consistent improvement. Tailored to suit your ability.


Technique Training 3 Lesson package.

The swim technique improvement lesson package is a  3 x 1 hour session technical touch-up and training programme.  This is aimed at swimmers who want to improve their technique.

Lesson 1-  Assessment, Body position correction, Breathing corrections.

Lesson 2-   Arm  entry/catch/pull/exit/recovery, and leg improvements.

Lesson 3-  Increased pace session, working on training principles/ workout plan development.

Each session I give corrective feedback to assist with learning.




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